Courgettes are pure generosity to our health

Since we are talking about the extremely healthy properties that our product has, we will begin by addressing it by its scientific name Cucurbita Pepo, mostly because it is better known in medical terms. Both the fruit as well as the plant itself care for us both inside and out, and its healing properties add to its rich nutritional qualities.

Cucurbita Pepo has vermifuge or anti-parasite properties and these are applicable to several different remedies, in particular, the elimination of intestinal worms provided that the interior of the fruit, where the seeds are found, is consumed.

Propiedades naturales buenas para la salud

In addition, it is antipyretic, so it provides a great service in reducing body temperature.  The leaf of the plant should be consumed in this case, the most effective way being an infusion made from the leaf. Its consumption has also proved to be an effective treatment for problems with colic and diarrhea due to its excellent antispasmodic properties. The infusions also act as a diuretic and are perfect against formation of kidney stones and urinary tract infections or cystitis.

On the other hand for use with problems related to constipation or slow digestion, the consumption of the fruit promotes healthy digestion mainly due to its high quantities of dietary fiber.

So its huge versatility and usefulness is clear, but it should also added that it can be used externally on the skin by applying the grinded or liquidized fruit, thus, the Cucurbita Pepo will give you a smooth complexion, soften the rough edges, reduce stains and eradicate the symptoms of skin irritation and In that sense, it is also useful for treating burns and rashes.