King Courgette, a traditional crop

Producción tradicional en KingCourgette

With new advances in cultivation techniques every year you may think that tradition is lost but this is not the case. Our way of farming hasn’t changed an awful lot over the last 30 years, the most important thing is that the product retains the affection with which it was planted and cared for during its lifetime and it’s the traditional way of farming that guarantees the superior quality harvest of this healthy, tasty and nutritious vegetable which is very low in calories.

To germinate courgette seeds you need warm weather.

It is possible to plant directly in the ground or on a layer of sand using two or three seeds per hole, placing them to a depth of approximately 2cm, the secret is that these seeds are planted together so that they join forces and break the Earth.

Cover the seeds with two or three centimeters of soil or sand, give them a little water and if everything is done with care they will germinate well.
Once they start to sprout you can separate them into individual seedling containers until they’re strong enough to be transplanted to the field.

The plants resilient nature adapts well to almost all weather conditions and to almost all soil types and the use of an organic fertilizer is enough to get a healthy productive plant bearing in mind that the plant has access to plentiful supply of clean water and a humid atmosphere. Once established the plant grows quickly and can produce up to 4 courgettes per day for almost 4 months!

Here at king Courgette we have 3 plantings a year, one in autumn, one in winter and another in spring to guarantee us 10 months of superior quality production.