King Courgette presents its 4th Technical seminar about the current New-Deli virus

The 4th Technical seminar was held in the Hall of Cajamar yesterday. It was organized by the delegation of Agriculture of Almeria and Cajamar box Rural, Coexphal-FAECA Control measures and current problems with virus protection were discussed.

Seminario Cajamar Caja Rural

During the event problems caused by different viruses in crops from the South-East coast of Spain were discussed, including the latest ‘ New Delhi’ virus which has caused serious problems in plantations of Courgettes and other Cucurbits in the area.

The objective of this seminar was to convey both how marketers and producers can tackle the problems caused by this virus from the point of view of research and how to adapt agronomic practices following the emergence of the new virus.

Various conclusions were reached, the most clear of which stated that this virus will continue to mutate as it has and potentially poses a threat to every variety of vegetable and fruit grown in the area.  The only real solution lies with seed developers to find varieties resistant to this virus.