Legal Notice

1. General Information  (hereinafter the WEBSITE) is the property of BERDEA S.A.T. (hereinafter THE COMPANY), with Company Tax Code B04598330 with registered address at Pje Cañada del Sapo, 7 – 04716 Las Norias de Daza, El Ejido (ALMERIA).

The WEBSITE allows users to access and use different services and content. Therefore, the WEBSITE serves as a medium to provide and promote the products and services of the company and direct access to its online services.

This document aims to bring the activities performed by the COMPANY on the WEBSITE, its regular use, and the purchase of products and services by Users into line with the applicable regulations

2. Nature of the Services

In principle, access to the WEBSITE is free, without prejudice to the fact that the purchase of products and services through the WEBSITE requires payment.

THE COMPANY provides the following services to the User and/or Client via the PORTAL:

King Courgette information and content downloads

Newsletter sign-up form

Job offers sign-up form

Business contact and customer service request form

The features of each one of these services is outlined on the website.

3. Responsibilities of USER

The USER agrees not use the WEBSITE nor the information provided on the WEBSITE to carry out actions that are contrary to the Law, morals, and public order. More generally, the USER agrees to use the WEBSITE in accordance with the terms set out by THE COMPANY.

The opinions, content, and all activities carried out by the USER are exclusively their responsibility. THE COMPANY cannot be made responsible for any harm or damages caused by activities beyond its control and of which it is not aware.

4. Responsibilities of THE COMPANY

THE COMPANY will not be liable for errors upon accessing the WEBSITE or its content, although it will provide utmost diligence in avoiding such errors.

THE COMPANY reserves the right to temporarily suspend, without prior notice, access to the WEBSITE to carry out maintenance, repair, improvements and to bring it up-to-date.

5. Industrial and Intellectual Property

The whole website: images; brands; graphics; logos; buttons; software files; colour combinations; as well as the structure, selection, order, and presentation of its content are protected by industrial and intellectual property laws, prohibiting their reproduction, distribution, public disclosure and alteration, except for personal and private use.

It is strictly forbidden to use the WEBSITE or any elements of the same for business or illegal purposes.

The WEBSITE content can be downloaded into the user’s computer strictly for private or non-business related uses. However, said content cannot be used for any operation, reproduced, distributed, altered, publicly disclosed, transferred, or modified, unless with specific and express authorisation in that regard.

The WEBSITE does not guarantee that its content is accurate or free from error or that the free use of the content by the user does not infringe on the rights of third-parties. The proper or improper use of this site’s content is the responsibility of the user.

THE COMPANY reserves the right to use content that users have provided on the WEBSITE even after the user has unsubscribed from the portal. However, THE COMPANY ensures users’ personal data will not be used in exploiting said data.

In the event a user or a third party consider that any content on the WEBSITE breaches copyright or other intellectual property rights, we ask them to report such circumstance by sending an email to THE COMPANY at including the following points at a minimum:

a) Claimant name, address, phone number, and e-mail.

b) Details of the person/organisation holding the copyright and other intellectual property rights that may be infringed upon.

c) Indication of infringed content and where it is located on the WEBSITE.

d) A statement explaining content has been included without the express authorisation of the person/organisation holding the copyright and other intellectual property rights. Notwithstanding the above-mentioned, THE COMPANY reserves the right to defend itself against claims founded in current advertising, copyright, and other intellectual property rights regulations in full force and effect.

6. Hyperlinks

The WEBSITE has hyperlinks to third-party websites. The company is not liable in any way for the connections, content, or measures taken in terms of privacy or the processing of personal data in these hyperlinks. THE COMPANY recommends users read the privacy policy of hyperlinked sites in detail.

Hyperlinking to any of the pages of the WEBSITE of THE COMPANY from an external website will be subject to the following terms:

• No partial or full reproduction of any of the services contained in the WEBSITE of THE COMPANY is permitted.

• No false, inaccurate, or untruthful statements about the pages of the WEBSITE of THE COMPANY and its services may be included.

• Under no circumstances will THE COMPANY be responsible for the content, information, statements, opinions or services made available to the public on the website that hyperlinks to the WEBSITE.

• All hyperlinks shall link to the homepage of the WEBSITE.

• In the event that an interested party would like to hyperlink to the WEBSITE, they shall communicate said interest to THE COMPANY in order to obtain express consent to do so. THE COMPANY reserves the right to refuse to accept the activation of links to its website.

7.  Period of Validity of the Terms of Use

The terms of use of the WEBSITE are of indefinite nature. THE COMPANY reserves the unilateral right, under all circumstances, to change the terms of use and the content.

8. Severability of Clauses

If any clause included in these terms were declared fully or partially void or invalid, this shall affect solely said clause or the part deemed void or invalid, whilst all other elements of the clause remain in full force and effect.

9. Applicable Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

The provision of services through the WEBSITE and the present terms of use are governed by the laws of Spain.

All issues at stake regarding services provided through the WEBSITE will be resolved under the jurisdiction of the consumer arbitration courts, mediators or similar persons/organisations that THE COMPANY is subject to at the moment the issue occurs, in addition to corresponding courts in conformity with the governing laws of Spain.

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