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Students from Mirasierra College visit King Courgette

A few days ago we had the pleasure of receiving a visit from more than 50 students from the school Mirasierra which is in Las Norias de Daza (El Ejido). From ten o’clock in the morning the youngsters enjoyed a breakfast in our dining room and then, in groups of ten, had a guided tour of our installations to get a first-hand view of the traditional process of preparing and packing Courgettes from when they are picked in the greenhouse to when they leave our Pack house heading to all countries in Europe.

Visita Colegio Mirasierra Las Norias

In just 24 hours our Courgettes are harvested, classified, packaged and sent!

The children followed the processing of the Courgettes that their parents, our farmers, had collected only a few hours before arriving at our Pack house and were eager to learn how it is possible to ensure the quality and freshness of our vegetables all the way to the final consumer.


At the end of the tour the students had a group photo to leave a beautiful memory of their visit to King Courgette.

King Courgette, a traditional crop

Producción tradicional en KingCourgette

With new advances in cultivation techniques every year you may think that tradition is lost but this is not the case. Our way of farming hasn’t changed an awful lot over the last 30 years, the most important thing is that the product retains the affection with which it was planted and cared for during its lifetime and it’s the traditional way of farming that guarantees the superior quality harvest of this healthy, tasty and nutritious vegetable which is very low in calories.

To germinate courgette seeds you need warm weather.

It is possible to plant directly in the ground or on a layer of sand using two or three seeds per hole, placing them to a depth of approximately 2cm, the secret is that these seeds are planted together so that they join forces and break the Earth.

Cover the seeds with two or three centimeters of soil or sand, give them a little water and if everything is done with care they will germinate well.
Once they start to sprout you can separate them into individual seedling containers until they’re strong enough to be transplanted to the field.

The plants resilient nature adapts well to almost all weather conditions and to almost all soil types and the use of an organic fertilizer is enough to get a healthy productive plant bearing in mind that the plant has access to plentiful supply of clean water and a humid atmosphere. Once established the plant grows quickly and can produce up to 4 courgettes per day for almost 4 months!

Here at king Courgette we have 3 plantings a year, one in autumn, one in winter and another in spring to guarantee us 10 months of superior quality production. 

When it comes to diets the courgette is guaranteed success!

When we think of dieting we always imagine boring dishes with little or no taste that are certainly far from being appetizing. When our aim is to lose weight we, more often than not, play with our health by starving the body of nutrients required to operate properly, therefore the ideal diet would be one which balances the intake of food and nutrients without any excess of calories and fat.

For the perfect diet our ally is certainly the courgette, it’s made up of 95% water and therefore it doesn’t have any caloric content and is beneficial to the organism to the absolute limit. There are scientific studies that show that there is only a contribution of 15 grams of calories per 100 g of courgette, you may be thinking that it can’t be very nutritious but those same studies corroborate that it’s rich in vitamins a, b and c and also contains minerals and trace elements including phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium,Carotenes, lutein, zeaxanthin, thiamin, pyridoxine, riboflavin, iron and zinc.  Its natural flavor is suitable for a wide range of recipes and you can also grill, bake, boil, stuff and sauté this versatile vegetable, but remember, you shouldn’t skimp on the quality of the product, since it’s always sold at an affordable price.

KingCourgette salud tradición

To get the most out of your courgettes they’re best boiled or consumed raw, this will not only protect your cardiovascular system the most but, due to the great amount of vitamins that benefit  your skin, they will also improve your appearance in general, your beauty, therefore increasing your feeling of well-being, thus making you happier!  Scientists also recommend that not peeling them guarantees the maximum benefit from their rich source in dietary fiber.

So the courgette really is perfect for people who want to lose weight with responsibility and used in tune with some safe exercise the pounds will fall off. As a snack the yellow courgette, thinly sliced, sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with a few drops of lemon juice, salt and pepper, is delicious and much better than any greasy snacks which are usually consumed to “keep hunger at bay” during the critical hours between meals.

Senior chefs have also taken the floor on the matter and they recommend that you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables from a young age and by preparing fresh and imaginative dishes using a varied amount of different vegetables you can create appealing colours and textures, they say getting used to eating healthily will avoid you ever needing to diet! 

For some inspiration you could check out our recipe section which includes some of these tasty and easy to prepare ideas,

Cream of Courgette soup
Raw cougettes with a light pesto
Courgette omelette
Stuffed courgettes
Vegetable brochette
Pasta with chicken and courgette
Roasted vegetable Salad
Sautéed courgette and mushrooms
Apple, celery and courgette soup
Grilled courgette with blue cheese
Raw courgette with tomato and feta cheese
Courgette and bacon bread


Courgettes are pure generosity to our health

Since we are talking about the extremely healthy properties that our product has, we will begin by addressing it by its scientific name Cucurbita Pepo, mostly because it is better known in medical terms. Both the fruit as well as the plant itself care for us both inside and out, and its healing properties add to its rich nutritional qualities.

Cucurbita Pepo has vermifuge or anti-parasite properties and these are applicable to several different remedies, in particular, the elimination of intestinal worms provided that the interior of the fruit, where the seeds are found, is consumed.

Propiedades naturales buenas para la salud

In addition, it is antipyretic, so it provides a great service in reducing body temperature.  The leaf of the plant should be consumed in this case, the most effective way being an infusion made from the leaf. Its consumption has also proved to be an effective treatment for problems with colic and diarrhea due to its excellent antispasmodic properties. The infusions also act as a diuretic and are perfect against formation of kidney stones and urinary tract infections or cystitis.

On the other hand for use with problems related to constipation or slow digestion, the consumption of the fruit promotes healthy digestion mainly due to its high quantities of dietary fiber.

So its huge versatility and usefulness is clear, but it should also added that it can be used externally on the skin by applying the grinded or liquidized fruit, thus, the Cucurbita Pepo will give you a smooth complexion, soften the rough edges, reduce stains and eradicate the symptoms of skin irritation and In that sense, it is also useful for treating burns and rashes.

King Courgette presents its 4th Technical seminar about the current New-Deli virus

The 4th Technical seminar was held in the Hall of Cajamar yesterday. It was organized by the delegation of Agriculture of Almeria and Cajamar box Rural, Coexphal-FAECA Control measures and current problems with virus protection were discussed.

Seminario Cajamar Caja Rural

During the event problems caused by different viruses in crops from the South-East coast of Spain were discussed, including the latest ‘ New Delhi’ virus which has caused serious problems in plantations of Courgettes and other Cucurbits in the area.

The objective of this seminar was to convey both how marketers and producers can tackle the problems caused by this virus from the point of view of research and how to adapt agronomic practices following the emergence of the new virus.

Various conclusions were reached, the most clear of which stated that this virus will continue to mutate as it has and potentially poses a threat to every variety of vegetable and fruit grown in the area.  The only real solution lies with seed developers to find varieties resistant to this virus.

Some thirty families benefited from different varieties of Courgettes which were donated

Last Friday, 8th November, some thirty families benefited from different varieties of Courgettes which were donated by Escobar and Castaneda to the Food Bank of Caritas, a local charity based in El Ejido, after the recording of their new advertising spot for the release of their brand website, King Courgette.


The donation was of first quality products used for the photo shoot and although the products could have been disposed of the donation was enough to help thirty families who needed food aid on that day.