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Food security

Our brand King Courgette is a guarantee of quality. Therefore, all our products satisfy the highest standards of food safety and the most rigorous certifications: BRC, Global G.A.P., IFS, GRASP.

Our differentiation process

We are a family business specializing in the cultivation and marketing of courgettes and aubergines, with more than 25 years of professional experience in the fruit and vegetable sector.

Export specialists for the whole of Europe

The quality of our products defines our character and our compromise with the consumer, an exhaustive control of the systems of cultivation, harvesting, classification and packaging, always keeping track of the traceability of the product.

"Our offer includes a line of Courgettes and Aubergines, both organic and conventional"

We are committed to a socially sustainable system

We have managed to position our products throughout Europe, always having as a main task the implementation of a socially sustainable system, committed to the environment and that seeks to ensure the future of safer production for consumers.

"Our workers are our most important asset."

Know our Sustainability Plan 2020

Sustainability is the pillar of the development of our activity, our commitment begins in the field and is maintained throughout the entire production process including the most environmentally responsible innovations

“We have replaced our company fleet with vehicles that consume less petrol and minimize air pollution.”

Our facilities

Get to know our facilities in the following video.